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Reviewing “In Search of Dignity”
July 7, 2009, 4:28 pm
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The following is a response to David Brooks‘ article, “In Search of Dignity,” an Op/Ed article published in the New York Times on 7 July 2009 and can be found at:

Dignity. That’s something we could try remembering. You could also throw in some self-respect, a little bit of self-consciousness, and a sprinkle of self-awareness.

In both the little habits and significant decisions of our daily lives, often in our attempts to make friends, open conversation, be vulnerable, speak aloud, or gain attention, we can go overboard and suddenly, nothing can be called shameful, embarrassing, or shocking. Our reactions are numbed because for the sake of upholding “self-expression,” a social faux pas is no problem. Hey, why social il faut?

It’s time for a rethinking of dignity. We are constantly preaching human rights, equality, freedom, truth, and justice for all. Perhaps if we learn how to treat our own image, countenance, language, and action with dignity, we might be able to translate that over on to the rest of humanity.